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My Passions

This Badass Crone and Moon Woman is passionate about:

holding space and supporting individuals
in finding their gifts, their Medicine, their authentic Self
through coaching, teaching, healing and shamanic practices

living in alignment
with Earth Medicine, Moon Medicine and
the PSYCH-K® Principles of Nature.

holding the light
for those committed to creating
sustainable wholistic transformation in their life.


My Journey

I am a coach, healer, triathlete-in-training, a budding herbalist and artisan, and am committed to supporting your Inner Journey to your authentic and powerful self.

​More recently, I like to think of myself as a Badass Crone, embracing the aging process, and supporting other women in connecting to all archetypal parts of the Self from Maiden through to Woman/Creatrix and Crone — and all stages in-between and beyond.