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Begin the journey back to your Self

Holding the light for your journey

Together, we connect to your purpose, your Medicine, eliminate self-limiting beliefs, and integrate the new wisdom into your life through a unique you-centered blend of coaching and journey work, energy healing, PSYCH-K®  balancing and six-sensory work.

My practice is firmly planted in earth-based spirituality and healing, offering workshops, on-line events and private sessions. I support individuals with both traditional coaching techniques and journeying, Earth Medicine, the Principles of Nature©, energy work, alchemical healing and PSYCH-K® balancing. 

Please note that my practice is currently not open to new clients.

About me

I am a coach, animism practitioner, Moon Mná Celtic Women’s Circle Facilitator, healer, budding herbalist and artisan, and am committed to supporting your Inner Journey to your authentic and powerful Self.

I like to think of myself as a Badass Crone, embracing the aging process, and supporting other women in connecting to all parts of their Self, from Maiden through to Woman-Creatrix and Crone — and all stages in-between and beyond.

Della Ratcliffe

I am passionate about

Coaching with Spirit

supporting your commitment to creating sustainable wholistic transformation and connecting to your deep Inner Wisdom

Holding space for your journey

with private one-to-one sessions, virtual groups and circles, and on-line courses and events

Aligning with Nature

and her rhythms and seasons through exploring Earth Medicine, Moon Medicine and the PSYCH-K® Principles of Nature.

Women of all ages are gathering to celebrate the Divine Feminine within, to connect with other women, with Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon, the Goddess within, and to celebrate the cycles of life from Maiden to Mother to Crone . . . and all the stages between.

Is this calling to you? Do you consider yourself a Bean Gealach (Moon Woman in Irish)? Do you connect with the Wise Woman traditions of herbalism, or feel the connection to Mother Earth? Do you wish to make this connection? Do you wish to find your Medicine? If yes, then join our private virtual Women’s Circle on Facebook.

Della is a Moon Mná Women’s Celtic Circle Facilitator, certified by the Slí an Chroí School of Shamanism.

Courses and Workshops

Visit our sister site, Inner Journey Events, for details and registration links for current on-line courses and events, or to subscribe to our newsletters.